While I do believe you can take great photos with your iPhone or using whatever gear you have available to you, some camera bodies and/or lenses do produce higher quality images, especially when working with low light. If you want to know what's in my gear bag, here's a peek at what I shoot with! 

  • Canon 5D Mark IV full-frame body

  • Canon 50 mm 1.2

  • Sigma ART 35mm 1.4

  • Canon 85 mm 1.8

  • Canon 24-70 2.8

  • Canon 100 mm macro 2.8

Let's Capture Your Story! 

Hi! I'm Andi, a newborn and family lifestyle photographer! I'm also a mama-writer-teacher-laundry folder living on the Kitsap Peninsula in the great PNW. I've loved photography since I was a child; you could often find me with a diary in one hand and a Polaroid camera in the other, hanging out in the barn with my horses. I'm still wandering around with a journal and a camera, photographing my children and jotting down thoughts and inspirations. I love telling stories through different mediums and having the privilege to capture meaningful relationships between people. When I'm not behind the lens, I'm hiking or climbing, traveling, or dreaming up our next adventure. I'm constantly seeking to find joy in the ordinary and slowing down to enjoy the magic of  life. 

Educationally, I've studied film and photography for multiple years throughout college and worked as a freelance writer and photographer for a local magazine. I'm continually taking workshops and classes to grow in my craft. In the past few years I've taken classes on family posing, shooting in full sun, indoor window light, golden evening light, and newborn photography as well as various business courses. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and a Masters degree in Education. Before my sweet babes were born I was a 5th grade public school teacher. I have a great many passions, but it's always the creative strings that make my heart sing the loudest. 

But enough rambling about me, let's talk about YOU! I believe photographs tell a huge piece of our history, and that the best images are the real ones. One of the things I love most about photography is that a camera clicks a second of your life. A mere second! In that small moment so much emotion and connection can be told. Not many things have the ability to take us back in time in such a profound way. Your family is important, and your life deserves to be documented just as it is. Photographs are a profound piece of our history, our legacy, a small physical token that we leave behind for the generations that follow. 

These are life's stories. This is life's magic. Let's have an adventure together.